HD Cable Converter boxes: You are eligible for two HD converter boxes if (a) you are a new cable customer or (b) if you are an existing customer and have only a DVR converter box.

You are eligible for one converter box if you are an existing customer and already have one HD converter box. If you are existing customer and already have two HD converter boxes, you are not eligible for any additional boxes.

Internet Modem: If you are a new customer you will receive one standard modem. The modem is necessary to access the Internet. You must use a modem supplied by Spectrum.

Installation of Equipment:  Whether you are a new or existing Spectrum customer, you must pick up your equipment at the East Bay Spectrum office. Spectrum will also deliver the equipment to you if you are using their installation service. New customers will also get one incoming cable line free of charge. If you wish to use Spectrum personnel to install your equipment, Spectrum will charge you $49.95, plus the cost of any additional cabling required. If you are technically inclined, you may install the new equipment yourself. There are also individuals in the community who are available to install any new equipment.

WI-FI: You need a Wi-Fi router if you are accessing the Internet through any external device that requires a Wi-Fi connection such as a laptop, a phone, a printer, or a Wi-Fi enabled desk top . You may get a modem with Wi-Fi built in from Spectrum. The current charge is $3.00/month. You may also buy a router from someone like Best Buy for a one time cost in the range of $50.00. External routers are fairly easy to install.

DVR: A cable box with as DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is available from Spectrum. The total cost of the unit is $19.00/month. TIVO also makes recorders that you can purchase outright with a slightly lower monthly charge.